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It's not an answer to your question, but it could be part of the solution. In the past year, my research has focused on the effects of time and social support on the development of cognitive control. We have shown that the quality of social support one receives, as indexed by parental behaviors and the nature of the relationship, differentially affects the development of cognitive control in young children. Prior work from our laboratory has focused on one particular aspect of executive function, inhibition, to study how behavior changes during the transition to school. Our previous work has shown that inhibitory control improves from kindergarten to the start of first grade, but then plateaus during the first 3-4 months of school. The current proposal will extend this line of research, with a focus on both inhibition and cognitive flexibility, to examine how social support may be mediating the ability to maintain and adapt cognitive control skills in the face of changing demands and increasing independence. Additionally, the proposed study will also focus on the nature of the parent-child relationship that is crucial to the development of social support and the parent's responses to the child's behaviors that comprise the social support network. The proposed work will use a longitudinal, quasi-experimental design to examine the effects of positive and negative social support on inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility in young children. The proposed study is innovative in that it will provide a window into the capacity of the child to develop their own social support network. As children develop autonomy and independence, it is possible that the quality of their social support network may not remain stable. The proposed study will provide the first look at the development of social support during the transition to school and will have important implications for school readiness.D.C. attorney Steven Grossman said Wednesday his client, one of the last defendants to go on trial in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, will plead guilty. Another lawyer for the seven defendants said he will ask that the remaining defendants be allowed to plead to lesser charges and be sentenced to time served, rather than spend years in prison. Grossman, who handled the case as lead defense attorney, told a news conference he asked for, and the government agreed to, a plea in February for limited questions about his client, one of the leaders of the Kelo case. Grossman said his client is under federal indictment in the District of Columbia on conspiracy and fraud charges and could face a 10-year prison sentence. All the defendants pleaded not




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